Pick Up and Delivery Service Throughout New England

Pickup and Delivery

Accu-Grind’s mission, as a partner with you, is to help make your business operate as efficiently as possible.  When customers thrive, we thrive. We do that primarily with high quality blades, knives, and innovative products and services.  But, we try to do more by making it as convenient as possible for you to get your products to us, or back from us with our pick-up and delivery service available throughout New England.

    • Massachusetts Pickup & Delivery
    • New Hampshire Pickup & Delivery
    • Rhode Island Pickup & Delivery
    • Connecticut Pickup & Delivery
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Accu-Grind Pick Up and Delivery Service

Our vans cover a large portion of the New England territory.

We schedule our pickup and delivery service vans to be in certain areas each week and in certain places on certain times and days.  Call us to see if we can schedule a pick up or delivery for you.  On pick ups,  it is best to call us 3 working days prior to our scheduled stop.  It’s best to call no later than the day before your areas is scheduled to be serviced.  If that’s not possible, call the same day and we’ll try our best to work you into the schedule.

A special note about Emergencies

Emergencies are handled on a case by case basis. Eric has been known to open the shop on Sunday to sharpen a blade so a customer has it for Monday. Fortunately this doesn’t happen very often.

Accu-Grind employs two route drivers and has 3 delivery vans.  One van is used as a backup.  Find out how we can help you.

Give Accu-Grind a call to learn more about our pickup and delivery service or to schedule a visit from one of our drivers.

All Accu-Grind products and service come with a full satisfaction guarantee.

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