Pharmaceutical Industry Knives and Blades


The plastics industry employs processes and equipment which place rigorous demands upon industrial knives.  Accu-Grind of New England has blades to assist you with PET to PVC and everything in between.
Recycling Blades


Accu-Grind of New England produces blades to meet or exceed your most challenging recycling requirements. We utilize only the highest quality materials to craft our blades, resulting in less machine downtime due to blade re-sharpening.

Food Processing

Accu-Grind of New England  manufactures and services precision quality custom and standard size knives and blades from high grade ground hardened stainless steels for the food processing industry.
Packaging Blades


Accu-Grind of New England is a reliable supplier that manufactures only the highest quality and razor sharp packaging knives for the packaging industry including custom and standard size packaging knives.
Slitting and Converting Blades

Slitting & Converting

Accu-Grind of New England is a reliable supplier that manufactures only the highest quality sliting and converting knives including custom and standard size knives.
Industrial Knives & Blades

Metal Working

Accu-Grind of New England provides cutting, grinding and machining solutions for the metal working industry’s demanding requirements using the latest in manufacturing, heat treating and material selection technology.
Paper Industry Blades and Knives


Accu-Grind of New England manufactures only the highest quality paper cutting knives and paper cutting blades, from premium hardened tool steels, for paper and packaging finishing and converting applications.
zamboni ice resurface machine


Ice rinks are a 12 month of the year operations in the U.S.  A critical component of every rink’s success is its ice resurfacing.  Accu-Grind of New England supplies blades for Zambonis to satisfy their weekly sharpening/replacement cycle.
Wood Chipper Blades

Wood Industry

Accu-Grind of New England provides a variety of solutions for the wood industry including manufacture of custom OEM quality blades, stock of major makes and models, and sharpening services.
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