Zamboni Blade

Sharpening Services

Precision sharpening that meets or exceeds OEM specification is one of Accu-Grind’s hallmark services.  Regardless of your industry or application, Accu-Grind will quickly restore your production cutting and shearing components to their optimal capabilities.
Shear Blades

Production Grinding Services

To assist you with production grinding, Accu-Grind’s facility is tooled with nearly every conceivable type of machine, from form grinding to infeed/thru-feed grinding suitable for applications in numerous industries.  Our equipment and staff is at your disposal.
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Pickup and Delivery Services

Let Accu-Grind save you time, money and distractions.  We’ll pick up your tools and deliver the finished products to one or more of your locations.
OEM Replacement Blades For Zamboni Machines

High Tolerance Finishes Services

When you require highly polished part ends, extremely tight length tolerances and extraordinary flatness unavailable by any other production method, we employ our large and unique in-house lapping machines.
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